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  Buck Showalter wouldn't have approved of wholesale mlb jerseys Oberyn's lack of fundamentals. NEVER demand a confession from a fallen foe before there's three outs.
  Two merry groups just scraping by, and somehow causing a lot of problems for the big boys. That's what the Brotherhood does to Westeros and what the Rays do the the AL East. They're easy to forget about, but you have a feeling they'll have a huge part to play when all is said and done.
  Who are those strange beings to the wholesale mlb jerseys china north, who live off the land, have funny accents and play by their own rules? Why it's the Blue Jays, of course. Outsiders and outliers, in a lot of ways, just like the Wildlings (or "Free Folk") on "Game of Thrones," the Jays are a ragtag group of powerful humans, who hope to topple those damn Watchers on the Wall, if given the chance. And just try to tell us that rookie Daniel Norris (who lives in discount mlb jerseys a van, like a true Wilding), doesn't look like red-bearded Tormund
  David Ortiz put the Red Sox ahead with a solo homer in the 16th inning, his 19th career go-ahead home run in the ninth inning or later, the most among active players. It was his 11th career homer in extra innings, and his latest by inning. Ortiz is now two shy of Ted Williams' club record (13) for home runs in extras.
  That was before Chase Headley belted a solo home run off Edward Mujica to tie the game and ignite the latest, and lengthiest, installment between these two rivals. Boston outlasted New York, mlb jerseys wholesale 6-5, in a 19-inning battle of attrition.
  Here's a look at some of the numbers in the aftermath of Friday's night's marathon:
  The Warlocks are an absolutely ancient group, which is about as apt a description as you'll find of the current Phillies lineup. They also tried to pull some hocus pocus over on Daenerys,mlb wholesale jerseys Mother of Dragons, when she came to visit. "We'll take your dragons off your hands and eat at least $50 million off the rest of the contract." Or something like that.
  The Karstarks are the distant relatives to the Starks, sort of like the relation between the White Sox and Cubs. And both the Sox and Karstarks fared better than their more famous counterparts, in terms of World Series and, you know, keeping family members alive.
  The tiger is the sigil of House Maegyr, or authentic mlb jerseys wholesale the family of the chick Robb Stark married. Er, maybe not the best omen for Detroit this season.