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For sports glasses with ice traveling needs 5-10 of penetration, and multi-purpose sports glasses must have penetration 20. When buying a mirror, if you can easily see their eyes are womens oakley sunglasses too bright, the lens color is gray or green - If you want to see the true colors, if you want to see cloudy weather or fog most carefully good selection of yellow lenses for infrared, unless you face the sun will be directly damaged, but the general sports glasses can prevent the penetration of infrared and eye protection, sports glasses, protective devices shall be on the side of the sun penetrating eyes lowered, but women oakley must have good ventilation to prevent fogging of the lens, or the use of anti-fog or anti-fog lens cleaner, you need to bring a spare pair of glasses to avoid the loss of movement can take advantage of cardboard cut into thin strips or clothing covering the eyes.
Most climbers prefer to use contact lenses, because the glasses will slide in the nose, can improve visual acuity, water spots will not appear, but it still has drawbacks, such as the sun is too full, sand, dirt can cause eye irritation, while on the outskirts of easy cleaning and maintenance.
From a professional point best sunglasses for women of view, in the selection of sports glasses, people should focus lens function. Because different lenses for different light filtering effect, it can fit different sports environment. Dark lens is better than light-colored lenses, which can effectively cut off from the UV and increase UV index. For example, the purple lenses can reduce the visible extent of the eyes, does not affect visual clarity. So cycling spectacle lenses womens oakley sunglasses outlet can be used purple, and is suitable for long wear. Grey lenses can provide the best color vision perception, are the experts recommended type. Yellow lenses can not be worn in the fog contrast enhancement is recommended when driving. The yellow-green and purple color gradual mercury gilded blue lens can effectively filter to enhance the contrast of the sky and the ground, so the use of the golf green and yellow and purple glasses lens, making the ball more clearly on the horizon.
The sun is constantly emitting a daily oakley women glasses ultraviolet, visible, infrared, three waves, without proper protective glasses, each can cause serious injury and its effects on the eyes. Visible to choose a suitable own motion requirements sunglasses, color is very important. In addition, it is best to buy a can of anti-UVA and UVB radiation glasses. Select the required frame soft and flexible, impact-resistant, the movement does not damage the security of the face. Veneer frame design allows the eye close to the edge of the frame to prevent the strong wind stimulation of rapid movement of the eyes.